Skin clipper 10 cm stainless steel Profi Qualitat 3 mm

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Manicure straps 10 cm stainless steel

Profi Qualitat

3 mm blade

Joining mechanism - recessed

Product code LAE7692-3

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Skin straps made of stainless steel


Equipped with a symmetrical letter spring for easy unraveling. Thanks to the materials used, they easily tolerate all sterilization methods including highly active chemical subastanss. An excellent choice for any professional beauty salon. Reinforcing the design of the recessed fastening system

  • Product code: LAE7692-3
  • Material: stainless steel 
  • Finish: satin
  • Total length: 10 cm
  • Blade length: 3 mm
  • Mounting method: recessed
  • Disinfectant resistant: YES
  • Professional use: YES

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