Santoku z wyżłobieniami, 18 cm

Santoku with grooves, 18 cm

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A beautiful Santoku knife with 18-cm-long grooves on the blade. These grooves create a kind of "airbags" facilitating the cutting of massive pieces of meat.

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The Santoku knife is derived from Japan. In the free translation the word "Santoku" means "three virtues" and for three main uses this knife was intended. Ideally suited for chopping, chopping and dicing.

Everyone who has had such a knife in their hands reluctantly uses other knives! This knife is especially suitable for cutting fish, vegetables, meat with small cubes or boneless meat. Thanks to the properly selected ratio of the blade length to the length of the handle, the knife is perfectly balanced so working with it is a real pleasure. Grooves on the blade to reduce drag during cutting thanks to the creation of small air spaces between the blade and the material being cut. Especially recommended for people with a small body build. You have to have it!

Basic knife parameters:

Series: Alpha from barrel oak

Product code: E546-18

Blade length: 18 cm

Dishwasher-safe: NO



Alpha series knives from barrel oak are made of one piece of precious molybdenum steel (X 50 Cr MoV 15) forged by hand. To obtain the finished product, a piece of steel is subjected to over 40 mechanical and thermal treatments. Thanks to the completely manual production process, the obtained products have unparalleled quality and accuracy of workmanship.

Thanks to the fact that Alpha knives from barrel oak are made of one piece of metal and thanks to additional reinforcements at the beginning and end of the handle, they provide unique knife balance during work.

The mirror-polished covers of Alpha series knife holders from barrel oak are made of seasoned wood from over 80-year-old barrels in which wine was previously stored. This very rare wood is both beautiful and virtually indestructible, which makes these knives real delicacies in every kitchen. Knives from the Alpha series made of barrel oak are a tasteful and original addition to any kitchen, especially for people who love to cook and like to surround themselves with objects of excellent utility values ​​and sophisticated design.

Thanks to its qualities, in 2007 the entire series of Alpha knives from barrel oak was honored with the prestigious RED DOT DESIGN AWARD. The Alpha barrel oak knives series has been designed and developed in cooperation with chef star Harald Rüssel.

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