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Promocja! Güde Delta kuty nóż do pomidorów, 13 cm

Güde Delta forged tomato knife, 13 cm

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Güde Delta forged from one piece of steel knife for tomatoes with a blade length of 13 cm and small teeth to make it easier to cut the skin of a tomato.

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Hand-forged tomato knife.

Basic knife parameters:

Series: Delta

Product code: D464-13

Blade length: 13 cm

Dishwasher-safe: NO

Delta series knives are made of one piece of chrome-vanadium-molybdenum steel forged by hand. To obtain the finished product, a piece of steel undergoes over 40 manual mechanical and thermal treatments. Thanks to the completely manual production process, the obtained products have unparalleled quality and accuracy of workmanship.

The hand-forged Delta knives are made of one piece of steel and complemented with extremely precious grenadilla wood.

Grenadilla wood from Africa is one of the hardest and most compact in its structure. Resin-rich wood is moisture resistant and does not warp. First of all, high-quality wind musical instruments are made of Grenadilla wood.

The massive knife combined with the integrated wood gives the knife an unmatched balance.

Recommendations for the care of knives with wooden linings:

- knives should not be left dirty, with acid residues left over

- do not leave in water

- do not wash in dishwashers

- do not leave loose in the drawer

- avoid stone and ceramic chopping pads

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