Nóż Güde Alpha Micarta do szpikowania, 10 cm

Güde Alpha Micarta knife for stitching, 10 cm

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Güde Alpha Micarta knife for puncturing with a 10 cm blade and a beautiful micarta handle.

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Stabbing knife. An indispensable tool for skimming lean meat. A strong blade with a sharp tip easily breaks through the meat, thus creating space for placing bacon.

Basic knife parameters:

Series: Alpha Micarta

Product code: M764-10

Blade length: 10 cm

Dishwasher-safe: NO

The Alpha Micarta knives are made of one piece of chrome-vanadium-molybdenum steel forged by hand. To obtain the finished product, a piece of steel is subjected to over 40 mechanical and thermal treatments. Thanks to the completely manual production process, the obtained products have unparalleled quality and accuracy of workmanship.

Thanks to the fact that Alpha Micarta knives are made of one piece of metal and thanks to additional reinforcements at the beginning and end of the handle, they provide unique knife balance during work.

Handles made of red and black micarta. Micarta is an extremely stable material made of natural fabrics and resin. Plastic layers are glued under high pressure, then shaped to the appropriate size of the handle and polished. Micarta linings are resistant to moisture, abrasion and impact.

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