Nożyce techniczne, wygięte 7 azotowane - mikroząbki

Technical scissors, bent 7 nitrided - micro-teeth

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Nożyce techniczne, wygięte 7 azotowane - mikroząbki | Kod produktu: 131247 GG


Specialized technical scissors with curved blades (so-called shape forming blades). They are suitable for cutting all hard materials such as rubber, seals, sandpaper, as well as for cutting bags and finishing works in the production of carpets, rugs and entrance mats. Intended for industrial use.

Product code: 131247 GG

Material: carbon steel

Total length: 18 cm

Blade length: 8 cm

Finish: nitrided *

Handles: metal

Professional use: YES

* - the process of nitriding the top layer of the product is carried out in order to give the finished product extreme hardness, improve fatigue strength and give the surface of the product corrosion resistance properties. The negative effect of the nitriding process is that the surface of the product is matt and gives the impression of old age.

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131247 GG

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